Life on the Edge: 

A Speculative Biodesign Exhibition

What will you eat when the sun goes out? What will be the immigration politics when we all want to move to Mars? What is the future of DIY medicine in failing healthcare systems? What is the image of decay in rural America when photographs bear life?

“Life on the Edge” exhibits four speculative responses to a world that is socially, culturally, and biologically distressed by humans. We use biology to ask questions, design propositions, and make our audience think about their today and tomorrow. 

Please join the students of FNAR/IPD 268/568 Integrative Design Studio: Biological Design for their end-of-the year exhibition.

Date: Wednesday, December 6th, 2017, 5:30-7:30PM
Location: Esther Klein Gallery, 3600 Market St, Philadelphia 19104



Ayah El-Fahmawi
Renee L. Hastings
Jennifer E. Higa
Anna V. Larangeira
Heidi Lee
Jiayi Liu
Jiaqi Pan
Nicha Thongtanakul
Cristina C. Vaca
Michael Yates
Emily M. Zinselmeier

Angela McQuillan

Orkan Telhan & Karen Hogan